Honestly, I don't really know what to put here. This site started off as a hobby, but it's grown more than I ever expected it to.

I'm Matthew, and as the director of g2 Ltd, I'm passionate about software development. My first foray into web development was the website darnkitty.com which I started in 2005. There, I hosted a collection of Flash and Java games - mostly remakes of games written for the Commodore 64. This site is still live, however now that Flash and Java are both dying technologies, it hasn't been updated for many years.

I officially started g2 Ltd in 2015 with the help of a couple of friends with the intention of developing software and mobile apps. I hope you enjoy them! Any comments, compliments or complaints are welcome.

The first releaseable application is called Find Me. This was originally developed as a way for my family to keep track of me during my long drives across New Zealand, when I lived in Wellington but used to drive to the Waikato and Auckland to visit my family. My Mum doesn't trust my driving and so wanted to be able to watch my progress as I was driving up the country, but I didn't want to have to stop the car every 30 minutes and text where I was... so that's how "Find Me" was born.

I also used the technology behind this app to do the mapping while I am walking the Te Araroa trail, which is a long hike throughout New Zealand. It lets my friends and family know where I am.

People I talked to mentioned how useful the app was and insisted I install it on their phones too so their friends and family could keep track of them. So eventually I thought it was worth developing properly and releasing to a wider audience.

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